About us

Barvico is a team of professionals with a passion for creating alluring, effective and innovative graphic designs that tell a story.
Our journey has begun in the mid of 2017 when we’ve decided to combine our skills and experience to create a place on a web for high-quality illustrations to millions of people all over the world. After spending several months of planning, designing and developing, we were able to create such place. That’s how Barvico was created.

We are a small, creative team which is currently consisted of two people. With a wide range of skills and years of experience, our team is always excited to work on solutions that help to communicate a memorable message through visuals. We love what we do and think you will, too.

Our team

Marta Konyk

Marta always had a passion for art and design. Over the years she has built up extensive experience in graphic design while working with a wide variety of organizations across the world. In her spare time, Marta enjoys spending time with friends and taking pictures with her favorite camera.

Taras Dashkevych

Taras loves the web, as well as building things that make life easier and more enjoyable for everyone. He spends most of his time designing interfaces, websites, and making products from scratch or improving existing ones. In his spare time, Taras enjoys learning new things and spending time outdoors.

Made around the world

We’re a fully distributed team all working remotely around the world. It gives us an opportunity not to be tied down to a specific location and be able to travel and work from everywhere. Our offices are coffee shops, restaurants, our homes or any other location offering a tasty coffee or tea and delicious desserts.